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Ann Ford vs. USPS

July 27, 2021 – Client Ann Ford was successful in alleging discrimination, retaliation, and hostile work environment against the USPS. Ms. Ford is a current Manager of Maintenance Operations Support for USPS. Ms. Ford alleged that a high-level Supervisor harassed her, and others for several years based on Race, Gender, and her complaints of discrimination.  Attorney Nolan Lim represented Ms. Ford before an EEOC Administrative Law Judge during a one-day hearing. 

Ultimately, the EEOC judge awarded Ms. Ford $125,000 in emotional distress damages, ordered all USPS managers to undergo training, and that the decision regarding Ms. Ford’s EEO case be posted at the facility where she worked. Over $44,000 in attorney’s fees and costs were also recovered. 

Cauchon vs. Walmart, Inc.

Client Danie Cauchon worked as a cashier and customer service manager for Walmart for six weeks shy of 20 years. Despite Ms. Cauchon’s years of dedicated service to Walmart, she was terminated twice by Walmart for absences related to her medical condition.  

On May 25, 2021, the jury returned a verdict for Danie on her claims of disability discrimination (WLAD), failure to accommodate disability (WLAD), and leave interference (WFLA).  The jury awarded her lost wages through retirement ($85,000 in back pay and $300,000 in front pay), and $215,000 in emotional harm damages, for a total verdict of $600,000. The Nolan Lim Law Firm litigated the case with co-counsel McDonald Hoague and Bayless.

Mendoza, et. al., vs. American Service Medicar, and Paratransit Services, Inc.

The Nolan Lim Law Firm, PS along with co-counsel, Rekhi and Wolk, PS., represented a class of 100+ paratransit drivers who alleged violations of state Wage and Hour law. The case was settled for $900,000, and the Honorable Julie Spector of King County Superior Court approved Settlement on June 19, 2020. 

Bonner vs Central Washington University

The Nolan Lim Law Firm, PS along with co-counsel, Frank, Freed, Subit, and Thomas represented a class of faculty alleging violations of state Wage and Hour law. The case involved several hundred faculty members at Central Washington University who did not receive their pay on time. NLLF and co-counsel filed a complaint in King County Superior Court and several months later negotiated a settlement of $900,000 on behalf of the class. This case was recently settled for $900,000 before the Honorable Johanna Bender in May of 2021.

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