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Nolan Lim,
Managing Attorney

Mr. Lim founded the Nolan Lim Law Firm, PS because he grew frustrated seeing companies oppress and exploit ethical workers who work hard, stand up for equality, and legal rights in the workplace. Mr. Lim has witnessed many times both personally and professionally where “anti-harassment policies”, and “diversity and inclusion”, are just words that corporations and government institutions use to mask discrimination and retaliation against those who stand up for compliance with workplace laws.

Mr. Lim graduated from the University of California Berkeley with a BS in political science in 2002 and Boston University School of Law in 2005. From 2005 through 2016, Mr. Lim worked for Government Agencies enforcing Civil Rights Laws and as an In-House Employment Attorney for a large publicly traded company. Since 2016, Mr. Lim dedicated his life to advocating for employees and others who seek justice against organizations who break the law. Mr. Lim believes that the best strategy to resolve employment and civil rights disputes is to prepare every client’s case for trial meticulously while still trying to negotiate fair and just resolutions along the way. In five years, Mr. Lim’s firm has recovered millions of dollars for clients through pre-trial settlement or through favorable trial outcomes. Mr. Lim believes that each client the firm takes on has a compelling story and feels privileged that clients entrust the firm to bring those stories to life. In his spare time, Mr. Lim enjoys road biking, hiking, running, golfing, spending time with his wonderful wife and three boys and being active member of various minority bar association including being the Past President of the Filipino Lawyers of Washington (FLOW).

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