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Pregnancy discrimination is a serious issue that affects many women in the workforce. Despite laws such as the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, which prohibits discrimination against pregnant women in the workplace, many women still face discrimination and mistreatment during their pregnancies. One form of discrimination that pregnant women may face is layoffs.Layoffs are a common occurrence … Read more

Are you in a Hostile Work Environment? Examples from Real Cases

Every situation is different and you should immediately consult an attorney if you believe that you are experiencing harassment in the workplace. This Blog post takes a quick look at what might constitute as a Hostile Work Environment. What is a Hostile Work Environment? To qualify as a “hostile” workplace, conduct at the workplace must … Read more

Severance Agreement Checklist

I get several calls from employees that are unfortunately getting let go or terminated from their company. Every client I go through this type of analysis to help them decide whether accepting or not accepting a severance is the way to go: Waiver of Legal Claims – A company doesn’t give severance out of the … Read more

Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Sue Your Employer?

I’ve been an employment attorney for over a decade and the above question is asked of me every time somebody comes to me with an employment related legal issue.  I thought I would share what I tell people who are considering lawsuits against their  just in case you need help evaluating whether you should sue … Read more

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